A versatile REST client that brings clarity and focus.

Headrest is a free REST client with a clean UI.

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Powerful features and a pleasant, focused experience combined in one app, made by people who work with REST APIs every day.

Download HeadrestIt's free and available for mac, windows and linux.


The REST client that brings the important features to the front

Headrest makes it easier to focus on developing, using, testing and exploring APIs without promoting features that are rarely used and lead to a bloated UI.

With a clean UI, it's a pleasure to use. We're committed to keeping it that way regardless of the number of features we add.

A REST client that's not bloated

Selective featrures.


Focused doesn't mean featureless

Keeping Headrest focused doesn't come at the cost of making it useful and adding the features you need to be productive.

Create request flows and run them in sequence, save your requests and repeat them later, use variables to make your requests reusable, support for multiple environments and more.

Using variables with Headrest

Advanced features.

REST client for exploratory testing

A simple and powerful REST client to explore and test your APIs

Headrest is simple enough to not require any coding for exploratory testing, yet powerful enough to allow complex exploration and testing of APIs.

No coding required.

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REST client for exploratory testing.

Support for dark mode

Dark all the way. Or not, it's up to you

Headrest detects if you're using dark mode on your desktop and automatically switches its appearance to match it.

Mac, Windows or Linux, Headrest will look great on your desktop.

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Ready to learn more?

The best way to learn more about Headrest is to download it and try it out.

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